“Use this book! I REALLY mean it…”

Message From The Author

Being a business owner can be the most challenging and rewarding path that you could have chosen. I’d like to commend you for having the courage, tenacity and drive to follow your dreams. Perhaps you’ve found yourself wondering how could you possibly build a reliable bridge from where your business is today to the booming success you aspire for everyday.

My intention with this book is to give business owners like you a “competitive edge” to smooth out the bumps in the road that most businesses experience in the first 1-5 years. The Alligator Business Solution is a business owner’s manual that can protect you from becoming another failure statistic.

Use this book! I really mean it… USE this book to acquire the necessary knowledge; to develop and enhance the essential skills; and to explore the plethora of tools and resources available for aligning your business functions towards predictable and sustainable success.

I have been fortunate enough to hear from many entrepreneurs about the positive impact this book has had on their business growth, development, and success. One day I hope to hear your success story. Take a little time and peruse through the testimonials, reviews, and endorsements on this page.

01 – Lurk

Why Lurking Is A Critical Step For Success

What is the alligator doing when it is lurking? It’s preparing to lunge. Preparation and planning are important for the success of your business.

02 – Lunge

When Is The Right Time To Lunge With Confidence

Once you’ve done the adequate planning and you feel you are prepared to take advantage of opportunities, then you can lunge and seize the opportunities.

03 – Chomp

How To Chomp & Dominate In Any Market

Since you may fail more than you succeed, it’s important to celebrate and claim your winnings, make better decisions and sink your teeth into the competitive advantage.


When you are truly ready to roll up your sleeves…

“When you are truly ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work on starting or revitalizing your business–READ THIS BOOK! Roy Austin shares practical and logical fundamentals to foster your business success, with a passion for helping you succeed.”

Bob Nicoll, Author, Remember the Ice and Other Paradigm Shifts


Warning, this book will make you evaluate your business

“A brilliant reminder that the solution to complex problems can often be discovered by returning to core principles. Warning, this book will make you evaluate the effectiveness of every person and operating procedure in your business.”

Ammie Dover, Principal, Larek Point Consulting

Incredibly Beneficial

I wish I had it when I was planning my own business.

“Roy, I’m sitting on the beach reading the financial part of your book and I find it incredibly beneficial. You are explaining things in ways I have never heard explained before or perhaps just never really understood. Kudos.

Really enjoying it! I wish I had it when I was planning my own business. By reading Roy’s book you can avoid many of the mistakes many of us make in the early stages of building a business. The section on accounting was especially useful.

It helped me understand what were previously complex concepts in a way that I could understand and use to my benefit. I recommend Roy’s book whether you are just starting out or whether you are already scarred from life in the business swamp.”

Brad Tholen, Owner, Horizon Home Inspection

It Educates Without Intimidating

Starting and running a small business is… a tremendous challenge.

“Starting and running a small business is, to say the least, a tremendous challenge. We all know that a significant percentage of start-ups and small businesses fail, and that there can be many reasons for this.

One of the main reasons, without a doubt, is the wide range of skills required of the small business owner/operator. It is extremely rare that an owner/operator possesses all of the skills required, so it is essential both that he/she “knows what I need to know” and “knows what I don’t know.”

The Alligator Business Solution provides an exceptional “go to” handbook for the small business owner/operator. It thoroughly covers virtually all of the key elements around small business, from Strategy & Planning to Organization to Finance, Marketing/Sales, and Operations.

Most importantly, The Alligator Business Solution does all this in a manner that is approachable, “friendly”, and understandable. It educates without intimidating. And the author, Coach Roy, does this in a refreshing and innovative framework by using “The Swamp” and “The Alligator” as the metaphors. The reader can find everything they need to know under topics such as “Swamp Fundamentals”, “Finding Food in the Swamp”, and “Swamp Survival.”

Business “handbooks” work best when they are truly “handy” and The Alligator Business Solution certainly fits the bill here! I would recommend it heartily to any and all small business owners/ operators who are smart enough to know that they don’t know it all.”

Mickey Goodman, Professor of Business & Entrepreneurship, Savannah College of Art & Design; Co-Founder and Principal with e2Advisors LLC. Formerly Associate Professor of Marketing with Stern School of Business at New York University; CEO, Marketing Drive; Managing Partner of MGR; General Manager of Act Media; and Product Manager with Unilever and Kraft Foods.

Offers Great Insight!

True passion for helping people…

“Roy Austin has a true passion for helping people find ways to be successful in business. His new book, “The Alligator Business Solution” shows not only that passion but reflects his knowledge of what it takes to run a viable business. A joyful read that offers great insight!”

Shellie West, CEO, & Founder of the Greater Bluffton, SC Chamber of Commerce

Ground-Breaking Book

This book is a must for small businesses to navigate the swamp…

“Roy’s ground-breaking book is both fun and relevant. Early on, he indicates that alligators fail more than they succeed. I actually am happy about this!

But, the real “gator bite” or learning nugget from Rocky the Alligator is that small businesses must learn from their mistakes and adapt to the challenges of customer sophistication, fierce competition, and yes, onerous regulation.

Remembering that small businesses in the U.S. generally account for 60% to 80% of net new jobs growth, this book is a must for small businesses to navigate the swamp and grow with confidence and integrity.”

Jeffrey C. Thomson, CMA, CAE, President and CEO, Institute of Management Accountants

To Achieve Greater Success

If more of my clients read this book… I would have more successful clients.

“As managing partner of a regional accounting firm I see many small businesses financial results. I believe if more of my clients read this book and paid attention to the details that are discussed in this book, I would have more successful clients.

Many of my small business clients are good at certain aspects of their businesses but have many details that are wanting for lack of attention and lack of knowledge on this issues. This book puts into simple readable perspective some of the basic things that businesses can focus upon to achieve greater success.

It is very well put together and flowed very nicely. One of the issues I have with the many business books I read is keeping my attention and not lingering on a point too long. This was written well and flowed nicely and kept my attention. I really believe it will be a help to small business that take the time to read it.”

Michael T. McCarthy, Managing Partner, Hancock Askew & Co., LLP

A Great Tool

Will enable you to structure your company to achieve even greater success.

The Alligator Business Solution is a great tool for anyone thinking about starting a business to read thoroughly prior to making the decision to become a small business owner. There is an incredible amount of information compiled from Roy Austin’s decades of experience as a very successful business owner and leader.

If you are already in business, this book will enable you to structure your company to achieve even greater success. I enthusiastically recommend The Alligator Business Solution.”

Ron Kirby, President, Business Consulting & Leadership Development BNI Regional Director for Hilton Head & Savannah Regions

The Ultimate Guide

An extremely practical, realistic and useful “how-to” book…

“In the last decade, more than 400,000 books have been published about business – how to succeed, how to manage, how not to manage, how to ride the latest wave, etc. The result is a figurative swamp of ideas and advice – some brilliant, most not – that drowns good ideas and thwarts good people.

If you want to get through the swamp, you need an experienced guide. Not someone who tells you “this is the way we used to do it,” rather someone who says “this is what I learned and here’s how it applies.”

Along comes Roy Austin, who has compiled the ultimate guide out of the “management by book of the month club” swamp with an extremely practical, realistic and useful “how-to” book on starting and running your own business.

Sure, the swamp/alligator analogy is a little kitschy, but Austin’s examples and no-nonsense advice make it easy to overlook the smilin’ gator that leads you through the book. And it fits his down-to-earth sense of humor and humility. If Austin doesn’t know something, he tells you who does and where to find it. That makes this an invaluable survival guide.

Einstein said genius is the ability to explain the complex in the simplest terms possible – and no simpler. Austin may not be Einstein but he would be my choice for swamp guide.”

M. Dan. Suwyn, Partner, Workplace Dynamics, largest employee survey firm in USA
Former: Owner of Rapid Change Group, Managing Editor Savannah Morning News, Presentation Editor Fort Wayne News Sentinel

Street Savvy

“Playbook” for a first time entrepreneur…

“Having completed a number of acquisitions (25+) of early stage companies during 35 years as a business leader, and experiencing varying levels of operating sophistication within them, I appreciate the value of the basic but essential “words of wisdom” Roy Austin shares in The Alligator Business Solution.

He has written a guide, or perhaps better said “playbook,” for a first time entrepreneur who is just starting a business, and/or a business owner who needs to reset/pivot the company’s direction and priorities. Lessons one might learn in business school, but for those without this training, what a street savvy first time entrepreneur should know and follow in building a sustainable profitable business.

In The Alligator Business Solution, Roy provides a thoughtful and practical step by step approach essential to establishing a structure, and winning operating culture within a business, by sharing his extensive knowledge and experience. He covers all aspects/functions critical to building a successful business highlighting the importance of planning, processes, controllership, marketing, leadership, and governance within a company.

Starting with a vision, statement of values & company culture, and fundamental purpose of a business, he provides the reader an insightful tutorial that should help to put your company on a successful track going forward. I highly recommend Roy’s “Solution” to all entrepreneurs and early stage company owners whether just starting a business or sill in the early stages of development and growth.”

Kenneth Boyda, Chairman Razberi Technologies Inc, Director of Vidsys, Inc. Former: President and CEO of Interlogix/General Electric Security (1990-2005)

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