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If you’ve read the book and implemented the knowledge into your business, I’d love to hear your success story. Please tell me about your wins in as much detail as you’d like, we are always looking for new stories to add in our next edition.

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Coach Roy

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Our virtual home is here, but I promise you we are real and can be reached for a variety of reasons.

Did I ever tell you the story about… Oh wait, guess this isn’t the place for that, but I may have a story or two when we connect.

I’ve added a few places I can be reached but please realize that I am busy and it may take me or one of my staff a little time to get back to you. We do check our messages regularly, however depending on the volume, we may need a little time.

Feedback is essential for growth, so we welcome it. Guidance and direction is critical for success, so if you need it just ask.

If you are interested in bulk sales for the book, please leave detailed contact information and the quantity you are considering. We’ll have someone get back to you with details on fulfilling your order.

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