LinkedIn Tip #1

LinkedIn is a form of social media – for business.  The key word here is business.  Here are a couple things you can do to improve your presence on LinkedIn:

1. Put your picture in your profile – most people want to connect with a person not an occupation.

2. Have your picture done by a professional photographer.  Yes, this will cost more but a professional will significantly improve            your image and make you look better.

3. Your picture should be representative of your business.  If you are a professional then look the part.  If you business is a      trade then a short sleeve collared shirt and slacks is fine, just look neat and clean.  LinkedIn is NOT the place to show off the big    fish you caught.  Big fish are fine for Facebook but on LinkedIn we want to connect with a business person.

4. Smile in your picture.  Most people want to connect, and associate with, positive happy people.

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3 Responses to “LinkedIn Tip #1”

  1. Ray Summerell

    While I agree that pictures of the “big fish caught” are inappropriate, I do not think that a professional portrait is particularly useful. That’s mainly because these sorts of images tend to show from the torso up. While that’s fine when your image hands in a board room somewhere, the image on LinkedIn is both small in size and compressed in allowed pixel density. A reasonably well-composed “head shot” will communicate more effectively and eliminates the need for formal portraiture.


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